Learn more about Chuck and Friends of Chuck (FOC)

FRIENDS OF CHUCK (FOC) was born from students attending one of my graduate classes, during my absence as adjunct Professor. My proxy for the class was constantly “pinged” by students in the audience, wanting to know if he actually knew me. The presenter, who had experienced this CHUCK inquiry many times in his travels and presentations, just shook his head and said “are y’all FOC members, too?”. What were innocent inquiries to so many requests for “do you know CHUCK”, evolved into its own “network”: FOC!

That person teaching as my proxy is now a Charter member and good friend. As he moved into the private sector of the Security industry, he found that when he mentioned he was from TEXAS (or, HOUSTON) in his travels around the world, the first question that popped up was “Do you know Chuck”? After much “ribbing” about this within our circle of colleagues and friends, I launched FOC and the rest of the story is being written today. Big thanks to Storyteller Promotions for developing the logo you see today, too. It is a recognized symbol in security circles around the globe. 

In 2014, the FOC Website was launched (www.friendsofchuck.net) along with the FOC logo, pins, challenge coins and other campaign collateral. Following was the Facebook & LinkedIn page, Twitter account, Google Plus and many other social mediums. FOC wanted to get the word out to the Security world and this was a great way to do so. Several times a week, updates are given on each of these social media tools on FOC events and happenings, along with Security events and information important to the security community. You can apply to become an FOC member by going to the website and entering your information directly, or through Facebook and Linkedin more conveniently.

In 2020, monthly FOC network events will take place. Many will have sponsors relative to the security industry, both direct and indirect. The intent of these network events is to provide a venue to develop new relationships related to business opportunities, security technology, employment and new FRIENDS! Finally, watch for FOC Webinars, Training Events and more to come in the future.

With CHUCKS massive network of colleagues and friends in both the business & security industry, the common denominator of FOC is that CHUCK KNOWS YOU AND YOU KNOW CHUCK! That can happen F2F, or through the many social medium tools being used by FOC……FOC Website, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

Finally, the FOC Mission is very clear and is posted on the FOC website.

In short, it sums up CHUCK’S FOC PHILOSOPHY, to wit:




If you want to become an FOC member, please apply by going to the www.friendsofchuck.com website and Sign Up. Or, find me on LinkedIn or the other FOC social mediums so CHUCK KNOWS YOU AND YOU KNOW CHUCK!!

FOC Founder & Chairman of the Board